3 Super Foods Abundant Yet Underestimated

Foods Abundant

In Ayurveda, you can find several beneficial herbs and seeds which are abundantly available in Asia. These herbs and seeds are eatable and you can directly consume them without any fear of side-effect. However, the intake should be moderate as too much consumption can provide an adverse effect.

These foods have long-term benefits but due to less information, only a few people are aware of these superfoods. Here we have listed 03 of them that are incredible for the overall health of women. Check the benefits and start using them in your meal to see the effects-

Moringa Leaves– These leaves are used in Ayurveda to cure various disease as it is a wonderful source of vitamins and amino acids. It is also a rich source of calcium and iron. The best benefit of these leaves is that it maintains the blood sugar level. Hence, if you are worried about the high calories intake then consume these leaves. Moringa Leaves are highly recommended to be included in Pregnancy Diet.

How to consume Moringa Leaves–

consume Moringa

Direct consumption of moringa Leaves is more effective so you can include them in your salad or soups to get the benefits.

Shatavari– It is an Ayurvedic herb that has been considered an elixir for ladies, especially new moms. This herb helps in balancing pitta and Vata dosha. However, excess use can create complications. So it is advised to take it moderately. Other benefits include its high impact on reducing depression and low libido of both men and women. It also helps in increasing breast milk. It is widely recommended to ladies who suffer from a hysterectomy.

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How to consume Shatavari-

consume Moringa

To consume, make its powder and add 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of warm milk. You can also add honey or sugar, according to your taste.

Flax Seeds– Omega-3 fatty acid or alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is beneficial for preventing heart diseases and you can find this in Flax seeds abundantly. These seeds are found effective in reducing the serum levels of sex hormones in women and help in decreasing the danger of breast cancer.

How to consume flax seeds-

consume flax seeds

You can consume these seeds directly or grind them to add to the rotis, cakes, bread, and more. You can also make its smoothie or raita.

Now, you must be wondering how to get them. Relax, as we have mentioned they are available in abundance so you can easily find these amazing superfoods at any grocery shop or you can also purchase them online.

Always remember eating healthy is more important than shedding calories in the gym. Talking about the other side, these healthy food are cheaper than your gym subscription. So, why think a lot before adopting some healthy habits. Start consuming these superfoods and stay healthy.

If you have any doubt about these superfoods or want to include your list of essential foods, do comment below. We will love to hear from you.

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