Carefully Plan for Your Holiday Home’s Proper Maintenance and Safety

Carefully Plan for Your Holiday Home’s Proper Maintenance and Safety 1Any person who has been to Florida for the Emerald Coast would know how beautiful and mesmerizing these beach-fronts are. There are abundant recreational activities people of all ages can enjoy. Even doing nothing and basking on the beach can be relaxing and fulfilling. Having a vacation home or luxurious cottage overlooking the deep serene is a dream for many of you out there. It is not a matter of just buying the property, a holiday home needs more care from you.

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You may own a beach house or a cottage, but what now? Once you go back to the primary house, your vacation home remains closed for a long time. During this time, you may or may not rent out the place to vacationers. You need to maintain the property and keep its security in check whether you are present there or not. A properly maintained house remains in good shape for a longer period.

Carefully Plan for Your Holiday Home’s Proper Maintenance and Safety 3

Things You Need to Consider for The Maintenance

  • Before leaving the cottage: People do not stay in their vacation home forever. You have to go back after your vacation ends. You have to prepare to close your cottage and take the following actions –
  1. Full inspection of the house for any damage – If you see any part of the house that can get damaged during the winter, repair it before leaving. Check for roof leakage, clogged drainage system, cracking or peeling paint, malfunctioning hinges, and more. It’s better to solve all these problems before you head out because if you leave the repairing for when you return, the situation might have turned for the worse. You would have to put more effort and money then.
  2. Electronic appliances – Take your time to switch off and unplug all the electronic devices. Make sure you take out all the food items from the refrigerator and clean them up to avoid foul smells and molding. It would prevent accidents.
  3. Water supply – You should stop the central water supply unit and empty all the water from appliances, pipes, and even the water heater. During winter, the water can freeze and burst the pipes.
  4. Clear out any possibility of fire breakout – Identify all the inflammable and sort it out. Don’t keep any flammable items stored in the house. So that even if there is a chance of fire breakout, it won’t escalate to major damage. Make sure that the smoke detector and fire extinguisher are in working condition.
  5. Trimming the trees – Fallen branches can also damage your property along with other external factors like climatic conditions and natural disturbances. Keep the trees nicely trimmed. You should also think about putting up a chimney cap to protect it from debris.
  6. Don’t leave any valuables in an empty house – It is sensible to take all the valuable items like jewelry or money with you. Therefore, even if there are any break-ins, you won’t lose much.

Coming back for vacation

  • Coming back for vacation:
  1. Let the air in and complete the maintenance before moving in – Since the house was closed for so long, it must be unventilated. Ventilate all the rooms properly and clear out the damp smell. While you air out the house, check for any places that need maintenance. You can hire workers to complete the work while you wait out.
  2. Check whether everything is functioning normally – Check electricity, water supply, gutters, doors, and windows, etc. to confirm that they are fully functional. You might have to change the battery of your smoke detector after such a long time.
  3. Start the cleaning spree – The moment you enter the premises of your cottage, you have to start cleaning. Both the yard and interior of the house need dusting and washing to revert to their glorious appearance. You can either hire help or take it up as a fun family activity.
  4. Renovation – Your house might need some renovation at some point in time. You can give it a makeover if you like. Since renovation can be a large-scale project, you might want to think about some financing. Various credit systems can help you without burdening you.


Carefully Plan for Your Holiday Home’s Proper Maintenance and Safety 4

Keep Your Cottage Safe In Your Absence

Destin Florida has a low crime rate, so there are hardly any worries over theft and robbery. Still, in the US, they have a policy where you can register for vacation home checking by the police or volunteers. You have to inform the police about your schedule before leaving and they would patrol the areas of empty houses with extra attention. Apart from this, you should also take some precautionary security measures.

It is very convenient to have a tight security system that you can monitor no matter where you are. You can add emergency contacts for acting against any illegal intrusion. So, once your alarm goes off, a call goes to those emergency contacts. You can buy high-security locks that allow you to change the key. It can further ensure your house’s security.

A professional property manager would also be able to keep your house safe along with managing the property. Since they would be locally available, they can also look after the process of renting out the vacation home and checking the security frequently.

Carefully Plan for Your Holiday Home’s Proper Maintenance and Safety 6


You have to put the same effort into maintaining a vacation home that you put in your primary house. However, you can make it easier on you with the mentioned tips and tricks. You are going to enjoy your stay at the vacation home without any stress with timely maintenance and strong security.

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