Does Sustanon 250 make you angry?


How Testosterone Affects Mood

It is difficult to assess the mood effects of testosterone because there are many other factors that affect behavior and mood. While it’s clear that testosterone affects brain function, researchers today aren’t so sure about its connection with aggression or anger. One possible explanation for this discrepancy in findings between studies may be publication bias – studies finding no correlation are less likely to get published than those that do find a relationship. If you’re considering taking any supplement containing testosterone, consult your doctor before starting on any course of treatment.

We may not know the answer to this question definitively, but we do know that testosterone does affect mood and it can be a factor in aggression. The effects of testosterone on behavior are difficult to assess because studies showing no correlation for this hormone are less likely published than those with correlations found. Testosterone affects brain activity, which has been linked with increased anger and aggression; however, there is some debate about whether or not these connections between hormones and emotion exist at all. As more research is done into understanding how endocrine systems work together with genetics and culture, better conclusions will emerge that help us understand what causes our emotions as men and women.



It’s possible that testosterone does have an effect on mood, but it may not be the sole driver of anger and aggression. Researchers today are exploring other factors like genetics, endocrine system functioning, and cultural norms for men and women to see if they might play a larger role in how these hormones affect behavior than was previously thought.


 Should You Stop Taking Testosterone?

If you do need testosterone therapy and are worried that boosting your testosterone levels will make you angry or aggressive, don’t worry. There’s no reason to buy into this myth. What matters is talking to your doctor about any concerns before starting or continuing with testosterone therapy Sustanon 250 is for sale in the USA. And as for prohormones, it might be better spent by purchasing a gym membership or buying healthier foods instead of spending money on these supplements with questionable results. The evidence just isn’t there yet to justify the cost and possible side effects of taking them so talk over all options with your physician first if they feel like the right course of action for you.”

So what’s the verdict? If you need testosterone therapy, don’t worry about it making you angry and aggressive. You should talk to your doctor before starting or continuing a course of treatment. As for prohormones, there just isn’t enough evidence that they’re worth the cost and possible side effects. That being said, if you want an edge in building muscle mass without steroids, we recommend taking a hard look at our article on “The Best Testosterone Boosters.” We also have some tips from fitness trainers who swear by these supplements as well as those who will tell you to save your money instead. The choice is yours!

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