Few World-Class Ovens Are Now Available in The UK Through BBQs2u

 World-Class Oven

BBQs 2u, a barbecue-obsessed family business, is a leading Kamado Joe and Napoleon Barbecue Retailer in the United Kingdom. Right now, one can browse their website and make a purchase. BBQs 2u is the largest independent Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt barbecue, and Napoleon BBQs retailer in the UK.

BBQs 2u now sells the entire Napoleon barbecue line, including all of the fantastic accessories. They are grilling enthusiasts who have a wealth of experience to share with their customers.

Napoleon is the best barbecue brand on the market in the United Kingdom. Napoleon grills, whether for charcoal or gas, consistently produce perfectly cooked food.

Big Joe III

The Big Joe III is a 24” ceramic charcoal grill and is ideal for large gatherings. The Big Joe III, like the ceramic grill model Classic Joe III kamado, features the revolutionary kind of SlRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber that is for perfect low-and-slow cooks and also the 3-tier divide and conquer flexible cooking system, which will allow the users to cook their foods at different temperatures.

A new Kamado Joe UK Black Friday offers huge discounts for different accessories of Kamado Joe, and stocks may not last too long!  New deals are coming soon on Friday of 27th November.


Privacy policy of Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is fully committed to using information responsibly. One can visit any of their website pages without providing them with any personal information, but they may need it to contact the customers about questions, comments, or any other information that they request.

This privacy statement, therefore, explains how data will be collected and used in those circumstances. Customers must agree to the information practices that are described in this policy by visiting their website.

1.    Linked sites

The websites of Kamado Joe many contain links to many other websites and hence any visitor must read the privacy policies provided by all those other websites to learn how they are collecting and using the information.

2.    Information provided by the customer

Kamado Joe obtains personal information about visitors only if they choose to provide that information. Generally, the information is related to:

  • Name,
  • Title
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Zipcode
  • E-mail address
  • Organization

3.    Information collected automatically

ovens pizza

Information about the visit gets collected automatically and visitors are not identified personally. Kamado Joe can only tell the computer type, browser, and web service info. They will also know the pages visited with the date and time.

4.    Cookies and other technologies

The hard drive of visitors stores cookies. The websites use cookies for simulating a continuous connection and help to remember info about preferences and sessions of visitors. It allows visitors to move within the websites without reintroducing them.

5.    Third-party data collection

Third-party companies may often use non-personally identifiable info during the visit to their website to provide advertisements about various goods and services of interest to the website visitors.

Twitter has been very active in promoting barbeque foods and as a result, the popularity of BBQs 2u has also got a tremendous boost.

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